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Pacifico Room

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Pacifico Room is a classic and elegant room with contemporary decor.


This room is designed for special people.


Pacifico Room is a very spacious room with a double bed, single bed, night table, desk, sofa, wide. It should be noted that the single bed has its own space away from the rest of the room.

Luna Inn Hotel Bed & breakfast stands out for being a place of relaxation, an ideal resting place for a weekend full of peace and tranquility.


Our Bed & Breakfast is located 15 minutes from downtown San José Costa Rica, 10 minutes from the Juan Santa María International Airport (Sansa), and 5 minutes from the Costa Rica Convention Center and the International Convention Center itself, close to many resorts.

At Luna Inn Hotel we seek to host executives concentrating in the same space all the comforts of someone who is out of their usual place but who needs to make a more relaxed and normal life possible.

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